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Filter Media

Specification filtration media has very demanding specifications that Whibco has been meeting and exceeding for decades. Whibco can produce filtration media with tight effective size ranges and uniformity coefficients as low 1.4. Bring your specifications to us and we will show you performance.

septic-sand Septic Sand - N.J.A.C. 7:9A – Our septic sands meet the criteria set forth in the New Jersey Administrative Code – Standards for Individual Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems. Our Septic sand has been used in Southern New Jersey for years and it is the gold standard for performance. ... Learn More
dep sand DEP (PA) Sand - Chapter 73 Subsection 73.55(C)) – Our septic sand has proven itself in sand mound septic applications all over southeastern PA. Due to the cleanliness of our septic sand, you will get more years of use from a sand mound using Whibco’s Septic Sand. ... Learn More
Filtration Media - Whibco produces filtration media for the demanding customer with tight tolerances. The typical grades of filter sand would be O, OO, OON, OOO, PWD, Our typical filtration sands are sized from .3mm to .6mm in size. We can produce tight effective size ranges as well as uniformity coefficients as low as 1.4. Bring us your… ... Learn More