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Infill Sand–Synthetic Turf

Whibco is a leader in the Artificial Turf business. When it comes to infill sand, Whibco produces a first class product that exceeds expectation
s for performance, consistency, availability and affordability. To get the ultimate in performance for your artificial turf field installation, call the professionals at Whibco.

FAA Runway & Taxiway Sand

Whibco’s FAA Runway sand has been used for many years at some of the largest airports in our region – Laguardia, JFK, Philadelphia, Tetterboro, and Newark. The exacting specifications from the FAA allows Whibco to shine in producing a quality dried sand that meets tight requirements for gradation and performance.

Filler & Extender Sand

Whibco of New Jersey, Inc. is one of the largest private landowners in the state of New Jersey and has vast amounts of reserves available to meet your construction needs. Whether your project requires a couple of tons of material to back fill around new construction or to provide cover soil for a landfill, Whibco can meet your needs. If your project requires New Jersey DOT embankment materials, borrow excavation materials, porous fill, or vertical drain sand – Whibco has you covered. Let Whibco know your specs and we will produce the material for you.

Filtration Media

Whibco produces filtration media for the demanding customer with tight tolerances. The typical grades of filter sand would be O, OO, OON, OOO, PWD, Our typical filtration sands are sized from .3mm to .6mm in size. We can produce tight effective size ranges as well as uniformity coefficients as low as 1.4. Bring us your specifications and we can produce the material you need.

  • Our silica sand is over 99% pure silica
  • Ability to produce to the tightest of specifications
  • Flexible shipping and packaging options
  • Fully staffed and capable Quality Control Department
  • Material available damp or dried

Industrial Silica Sand

Whibco has been producing dried industrial sands for a wide variety of industries and applications – roofing, foundries, stucco and grout mix producers, locomotive traction sand, airport traction sand, artificial turf field applications, EIFS systems producers, proppants, biomass burner systems and many others.

  • Silica sand that is more than 99% pure • Sizing available from AFS 20 to AFS 100
  • Large capacity storage at our site to ensure your material is available at all times
  • High attention to Quality Control to insure that your material meets your needs every time • Material available in bulk or in “Supersacks” – 3,000 lb. bags
  • Large fleet of truckers available to deliver your material in a timely and safe manner