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Through years of research and exhaustive testing and approval processes, Whibco has developed its Thermal Sand which has been used extensively by power companies looking for a non-reactive, non-corrosive compactible material with the correct thermal resistivity properties to be used in high voltage underground utility line installations. This material has been used in place of flowable fill in applications where a road needs to be buttoned up at night and dug up again the next day. Thermal sand affords the ability to stock the material on site and use as needed.

Thermal Sand - Whibco’s thermal sand is specialty blended product that meets the needs of electrical utilities looking for a non-corrosive, non-reactive material that demonstrates the thermal resistivity required for use in high voltage applications. Whibco is an approved producer of Thermal sand for both Peco Electric and Consolidated Edison Utilities have used our Thermal sand as a… ... Learn More
septic-sand Septic Sand - N.J.A.C. 7:9A – Our septic sands meet the criteria set forth in the New Jersey Administrative Code – Standards for Individual Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems. Our Septic sand has been used in Southern New Jersey for years and it is the gold standard for performance. ... Learn More
dep sand DEP (PA) Sand - Chapter 73 Subsection 73.55(C)) – Our septic sand has proven itself in sand mound septic applications all over southeastern PA. Due to the cleanliness of our septic sand, you will get more years of use from a sand mound using Whibco’s Septic Sand. ... Learn More
pipe bedding sand Pipe Bedding Sand - Whibco’s pipe bedding sand is composed of rounded/ sub-angular particles that perform better that many of the bedding materials composed of crushed angular stone. The sharper pieces in crushed stone causes problems and can pierce some piping materials. ... Learn More