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Oil & Natural Gas

With the addition of state of the art production equipment, Whibco produces “Proppant” sand for use in the Hydraulic Fracturing process used by oil and gas drilling companies to access oil and gas in shale formations. This oil and gas trapped in shale formations across the country was thought to be trapped with no way of getting the material out of the rocks and to the market. Hydraulic Fracturing allows the oil and gas to escape to surface so it can be sent to meet the needs of the fuel hungry American economy. Whibco produces the typical grades of “Frac” sand – 20/40, 40/70, and 70/140. Through the use of our Hydrosizer, we can produce custom materials that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Proppants - Whibco produces a high quality Proppant sand used in the Hydraulic Fracturing process. Used primarily in the Marcellus Shale formation in PA, proppant sands allow the gas from a well drilled through shale to escape and venture to the surface. We produce the main typical grades of “Frac” sands specified by Oil & Gas Service… ... Learn More